Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tutorial: How To Set Password for Blogger Post

How to make blogger post private?
How to encrypt blogger post?
How to create blog post with password?

First, please proceed to

Go to Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML.

Then add the JavaScript decryption code after the <head> tag in the HTML code of your blog. Copy and paste the following code:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Then proceed to

You'll see this page.

form empty

Then type for secret key at the "Key" area and the secret message at the "Plain Text" area.

filled form

After doing so, hit the Encrypt button under the "Plain Text" area.

Then scroll down a little and you'll see the "HTML Code" area. Highlight, copy and paste the HTML code into your POST EDITOR.

html code

And that's it!

Here's the result of the example shown. The secret key is "the key". Go and click on it.


djentleyo said...

Mine won't accept div tags inside head tags. What's the issue?

Simple Blogger Tips said...

The 2nd HTML code is suppose to be at your post editor.

Tif PuitengN said...

it's error

Simple Blogger Tips said...

Works totally fine on this blog. Can you be more elaborate about the error? Thanks.

Hannah Tan said...

hi,why there is no right or wrong when i type password in "Enter the decryption key"Enter the decryption key"?what is the problem actually?is it at the Edit HTML part?

Simple Blogger Tips said...

@hsiang: what do you mean by "no right or wrong"? it should work fine if you follow the steps exactly. it works fine on this site.

Unknown said...

firstly i try..everything alright..
but dont let me key in the password after i post it out...wat is the problem??

Simple Blogger Tips said...

It's still working fine here. Did you do any changes to your blog template? Please check on that. Or try redoing the whole process.

Wayne said...

It's working fine with me too. but when i have seperated my text into few lines, the result came out wasnt in lines.
For example, the plain text i typed was:
How are you?
Hope you're doing well."

But the result after encrypted was:
"Hello.How are you?Hope you're doing well."

Do you get what i mean? how can i solve it? I need my text to be in lines.

Simple Blogger Tips said...

I've check the possibility of getting a new line for each line, but I think it's not possible. Like what was shown, you can only put in "plain text" - which explains why it's as plain as a simple line.

-人- said...

I have created a few posts using the encryption...
But I have forgotten one of the password...
Is there any way for me to find back my password?

Carlene said...

I post the first set of codes after the head codes. Then the encrypted codes after that...and it does not work.

Is there a specific place I need to post it??

Thanks for your help!!

Simple Blogger Tips said...

The best way is to re-encrypt the post again.

The encrypted codes are suppose to be pasted at your post editor, not at the HTML template.

xiao xin said...

where is the POSTEDITOR??

Simple Blogger Tips said...

@xiao xin:
The POST EDITOR is the page where you type your blog post.

貓兒 said...

还是不会弄/-\ 有谁可以教我?

Amy said...

i had post the "Html Code" at POST EDITOR...but it didn't work...what's the reason?

Simple Blogger Tips said...

Did you add the JavaScript (the first step)?

Yenleng said...

what is post editor? i dont really get it /:

Simple Blogger Tips said...

The "Post editor" is the place where you type the blog post.

Boo Stuff Shop said...

how to use it only on one page only on blogspot and not the whole blog ?

Simple Blogger Tips said...

@Boo Stuff Shiop:
This guide should work for a single blog post/page instead of the whole blog.

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