Friday, December 31, 2010

Basic Guide to Use Neobux

UPDATE 9 April 2011: If you don't upgrade your NeoBux account and remains at an ordinary account, you'll only earn $0.001 per click! That's 1/10 of the previous earning, which was $0.01. Therefore you can't earn fast. Head on to OnBux, which will earn you $0.01/click! Click here for proof of payment from OnBux!


How to use Neobux?
How to earn money with Neobux?
Now to view advertisements on Neobux?

neobux logo

This is a basic and simple guide on how to earn money online with Neobux.

1) Firstly, you need an account at Neobux. Register an account and log in.

neobux member login

Enter your username, password, secondary password (optional, depends on your registration) and verification code. Click "send".

2) Once inside your account, look at the top of the website.

neobux view advertisements

If advertisements are available, there will be a green box with a number (indicating the number of ads available, normally 4) beside "View Advertisements". Click on it.

3) After that, you'll see boxes that represents each available advertisement.

neobux advertisements

A yellow star below the box indicates that it's not clicked for the day yet. A gray star indicates that the advertisement was already clicked. It refreshes daily, so it's advisable to log in daily to view the ads.

To view a particular advertisement, click on the box.

4) Then, click on the red dot that appears at random locations within the box.

neobux click advertisements

It's usually a red dot, but since it's Christmas when this screen shot is made - Neobux changed the red dot to a Christmas ornaments. Still works the same.

This method is obviously to prevent bots and requires a human interaction.

5) After clicking on the red dot, a new page will appear on the browser. That's where the advertisement website loads.

neobux advertisement loading

The loading of each advertisement will take about 30 seconds or more, depending on content of the website.

Wait for the progress bar to be covered with yellow. While waiting, do not view other advertisements. It's supposed to be viewed one by one.

6) After the progress bar is completed, you'll see an advertisement validation.

neobux advertisement done

It will appear over the progress bar previously and it indicates that the advertisement click is successful. Good job and you have $0.01 credited into your account.

Continue with clicking on the rest of the advertisements available. Remember to view every single advertisements every day to earn the maximum money for basic steps.

7) You may view your daily earning chart at your account information section. Just click on your username at the top of the website.

neobux earning chart

From this chart, you can view your activeness by checking the number of clicks you've made in the recent days. A day without advertisement views can be a waste.

8) Click on your Neobux advertisements daily and once you've reached the minimum cash out amount, you can transfer the money to AlertPay, PayPal or NETELLER.

neobux payment

Click on "your payment" above the chart and proceed by following the instructions.

One thing is for sure, it really works and it pays. Why don't you try as well? There's no harm earning some extra income with Neobux. Just remember to view all the advertisements every day.

Take note: This guide is only the basic steps which are required at the start of your registration. After earning more, you can earn even more by getting referrals. But that will be on an Advanced Guide. Stay tuned!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Top 4 Free Blogging Platform

Here are the top 4 free blogging platform by Simple Blogger Tips.

blogger logo - Majority of the bloggers started of with Blogger. A great starting site to get a taste of blogging, very easy to use. Has almost everything you need from widgets to template designing and modification. The entries are easily indexed by Google search engine because it's owned by Google.

wordpress logo - The free and easy way to blog with Wordpress without the need of technical blog installation knowledge. It has most of the latest features but with limited access over the modification of the preset template. As a result, advertisements from external parties aren't allowed. Nevertheless, it offers inspiring writers to pen down their words professionally.

tumblr logo - Probably the easiest way to blog. A platform with a focus on allowing media-rich posts. Suitable for those who love to share photos, videos and links without the need to lengthy words. Allows others to re-blog a particular post as well, that's the unique feature of Tumblr.

posterous logo - Labeled themselves as the easiest way to share photos, collaborate with others, share new ideas, create a travel journal, share passions and share videos. The unique feature about Posterous is that you don't need to sign up, know any code or even know how to do anything. Just send an email to set up your own Posterous blog and start sharing your ideas and media.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Earn Money Online with NeoBux

UPDATE 9 April 2011: If you don't upgrade your NeoBux account and remains at an ordinary account, you'll only earn $0.001 per click! That's 1/10 of the previous earning, which was $0.01. Therefore you can't earn fast. Head on to OnBux, which will earn you $0.01/click! Click here for proof of payment from OnBux!


How to earn money online?
How to earn income from the Internet?
How to make money with Neobux?
How to generate income online?

Want to make some side income from the Internet? I've been earning some cash through the Internet. Honestly, there are many methods and techniques - and one of the ways is by using NeoBux.

neobux logo

NeoBux is a pay-as-you-surf site. All you have to do is to surf the sites (usually 4 sites a day if you're using the normal account) given everyday, and earn tiny (US$0.01/site) income. You might think it's too little at the start, but once you learn and explore more - you'll start earning big.

Most importantly is to get referrals. Be it direct referrals or rented referrals - whenever they click on a particular day, you'll earn half of their earnings. It's a win-win situation.

Try it now!

Cash up your PayPal with NeoBux

Once you're already signed up, don't forget to click everday.

Take note, NeoBux is not a scam. It really pays you. All you need is a PayPal account, and once your accumulated earning passes the minimum cash out limit, you can transfer the money immediately to your PayPal account. As easy as that!

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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