Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Stats Feature on Blogger in Draft

Is there a statistics feature on Blogger?
How to check traffic on Blogspot?
How to see statistics and analytic of my blog?

Here's a new feature implemented by Blogger, however in Blogger in Draft for the moment. Once it's finalized, it will probably be implemented on Blogger as well.

blogger in draft stats

Once you're on the Stats page, navigate yourself on the navigation to see more detailed information. The stats can be changed depending on your choice - Now, Last Day, Last Week, Last Month or All Time.

stats navigation

Overview Section

On the Overview page, the page views is shown.

page views

Blog posts with the highest page views.

blog posts with page views

Short summary of the traffic sources and audience.

traffic sources and audience

So basically it's like a summary. The stats of the blog can be roughly seen on this page.

Posts Section

On the next page, the Posts page, the more blog posts with the top highest page views will be shown.

top highest page views

From this, blog posts are giving the blog most traffic can be identified.

Traffic Sources Section

On the Traffic Sources page, more details can be obtained. The referring URLs, also known as links, that direct traffic to your blog.

referring links

The referring websites. Shows which website gives the blog the organic traffic.

And the referring keywords as well. Usually these are the keywords people search on Search Engines and got into the blog.

referring keywords

So these information is basically the sites and links that has given traffic to the blog.

Audience Section

On the last page, the Audience page, there's a page views statistics categorized by countries. Visitors' location can be identify by looking at the illustrated map and list.

page views by countries

Also, page view categorized by web browsers. The top used browsers used to access the blog can be known too.

page views by browsers

And lastly, page views by operating systems. Pretty self-explanatory.

page views by operating system

All in all, a little information about the visitors can be seen here.

Besides this default stats feature, other external Traffic Tracker and Statistics on your Blogger blog as well.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

How To Remove Blogger Navigation Bar in Template Designer (Update)

How to delete navigation bar on Blogger Draft template?
How to remove default bar on Draft Template Designer?

blogger draft navigation bar

It can also be done via this method. Navigate yourself through:

Dashboard > Design > Template Designer > Advanced > Add CSS

And then add this:

#navbar-iframe {display: none !important;}

Click "Apply to Blog" and you're done.

Credit: Comment by Bytexpert

P/S: Click here for the previous workable method.

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