Monday, October 17, 2011

Blogger Open Image with Lightbox

How to open image with Lightbox on Blogger?
How to open image with Lightbox on Blogspot?
Show image with Lightbox on Blogger.
Show image with Lightbox on Blogspot.

Blogger has recently added a new feature for the photos and images on the blog posts. With the new Lightbox feature, the images can be clicked and be displayed with a darkened background.

blogger image lightbox

Also, all the images and photos within the blog post will be listed below, allowing readers to view them one by one - like a slideshow.

Currently, Blogger blogs in default have "Open images with Lightbox" setting enabled. To configure it, go to Dashboard > Settings > Formatting.

Then you'll see the setting mode for Lightbox. Either yes or no.

blogger lightbox setting

According to the description: If yes is selected, when a reader clicks on an image in a post, it will be displayed in a slideshow-like overlay instead of leaving your page and navigation to the image.

It could seem rather annoying if readers unintentionally click on it. But if your blog is a photography blog, it's definitely suitable.

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