Friday, August 28, 2009

How To Add Feed Icon in Blogger Blog

How to create feed icon on blog?
How to add feed button on blog?

feed icon

First, go to your Layout.

Dashboard > Layout

Then, add a new gadget and select HTML/JavaScript.

Add this code.

<center><a text="Subscribe to my feed" href="your feed URL" target="_blank"><img src="feed image URL"/></a></center>

Blogger's default feed link is usually You can put this feed URL above. However, if you have registered with Feedburner, you can use your Feedburner's ULR there, which is more recommendable.

Feedburner's feed URL is usually

For the image URL, you can search for feed icon images and get the image link, preferably in .png or .gif format if you want an image with invisible background.

More feed icons can be obtained here! Enjoy!

Monday, August 17, 2009

How To Add Favicon To Blogger Blog

How to add favicon?
How to create favicon for blog?

Here is a simple way to create a favicon for your very own blog!

Firstly, an icon is required. You can either use an online icon creator (which I think is not user-friendly) or Photoshop.

Once you've designed your icon, save it as an image file. Next, proceed to the online icon generator to generate the icon. There, upload your saved favicon image, select icon size 16x16 and generate it. Once it's done, download the icon into your computer.

Then, upload the downloaded .ico image file to the Internet, use Windows Live SkyDrive or any image uploader that supports icon, and get the icon URL there.

Attention: To get the right icon URL after uploading to SkyDrive, keep clicking on the image until it appears on the browser by itself. Then copy the URL from the address bar.

Next, follow this instructions.
  • Go to your Blogger dashboard
  • Click manage: Layout
  • Click 'Edit HTML' below the Layout tab
There, search for a code line like this:


Then, copy and add the code below the line and replace "your favicon URL" with your favicon's URL.

<link href='your favicon URL' rel='icon'

Save it and have a look at your blog. You should be able to see your small Favicon next to your blog address.

Take note: If you're using older versions of Internet Explorer, you might not be able to see the icon. Firefox on the other hand shows the icon well in bookmarks, URL addresses and tabs.

Hope you'll like it. Feel free to ask if you've any doubts. =)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Promote Blog With Bloggerunited

Here's a great site to promote your blog to a blogging community - Bloggerunited.

Whenever you log in to Bloggerunited (BU), your latest blog post will be displayed on the main page, allowing more chances for other BU users to see and read your post.

So when you keep logging in, there are more chances for other BU users to know about your blog. Here's an example of what will be shown when you log in.

blogger united main

It contains the latest post title, together with an excerpt and the first picture of your blog. So to attract more visitors from BU, you should always have a nice first picture! You can tweet any posts on BU too, just click on the Tweet button to tweet the post.

Also with BU, you can favourite blog posts by other BU users and they'll be displayed in the Favourite Blog Posts list. In return, other BU users can favourite your posts back, if they like yours too.

blogger untied favourite blogs

You can also stand a chance to be listed under Popular Bloggers of The Month if you're active in BU.

popular blog

There is actually an invisible point system for every user, to calculate your activeness in BU. For example, visiting other blogs, discussing in the forum called Lounge, doing blog reviews, favouriting blog posts, providing referral and a few more - will gain you points.

So the more active you are in BU, the higher the reward. It's your hard work and effort after all.

Not forgetting the forum in BU called Lounge, where BU users can bring up topics and discuss with each other.

blogger united lounge forum

If you're very active on a particular day, you gain more points and your chances of being Featured Blogger of The Day will be higher. By being featured, your recent blog posts will be displayed and it can promote you blog better.

blogger united blogger

It is a great community to engage and get to know more bloggers, especially around Malaysia and Singapore. Friendships could be made too, who knows?

You can be in the Popular Today list or have your blog posts in the Popular Post Today too. The more presence you have in BU, the more BU users know about you - giving your blog more promotion.

Lastly, the BU users can vote their Favourite Bloggers. The more votes you have, the higher you climb up the Favourite Bloggers list.

blogger united favourite bloggers

Besides all those that have been mentioned, there are more features that you will be able to use. Keep exploring and you'll master The-Art-of-Bloggerunited! In fact, it's user-friendly and easy to be used!

So what are you waiting for?


UPDATE (6/9/2010): Bloggerunited has been down for several months and don't seem to be coming back anymore. RIP Bloggerunited.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Feedburner: How To Get Feed Count

How to get feed count from Feedburner?
How to know the number of blog subscribers with Feedburner?
How to know the feed count of blog?
How to obtain feed count with Feedburner?

If you don't have a Feedburner account yet, register now. It gives you better management on your Blogger feeds.

Proceed to How To Replace Blogger Feed with Google Feedburner first.

1) Log in to your Feedbuner account.

2) Select your feed and click on "Publicize" tab above.

feedburner publicize

3) Then, click on "Feed Count" under the Services.

feedburner feed count

4) Select your preferred feed settings.

feedburner count set

5) Click "Activate" button after configuring the feed settings.

6) HTML is generated later on.

feedburner feed count code

7) Copy and paste the code and put it in your blog.

Sample: Simple Blogger Tips' Feed Count:

It will update automatically as you get more subscribers.

The count can be increased when people follow your blog, link your blog with Blogger's Blog List and subscribe to a reader.


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