Friday, August 28, 2009

How To Add Feed Icon in Blogger Blog

How to create feed icon on blog?
How to add feed button on blog?

feed icon

First, go to your Layout.

Dashboard > Layout

Then, add a new gadget and select HTML/JavaScript.

Add this code.

<center><a text="Subscribe to my feed" href="your feed URL" target="_blank"><img src="feed image URL"/></a></center>

Blogger's default feed link is usually You can put this feed URL above. However, if you have registered with Feedburner, you can use your Feedburner's ULR there, which is more recommendable.

Feedburner's feed URL is usually

For the image URL, you can search for feed icon images and get the image link, preferably in .png or .gif format if you want an image with invisible background.

More feed icons can be obtained here! Enjoy!


Kennee said...

very useful post indeed~~~ kudos

Syafiq said...

Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, i was really looking for what you have posted.have a look at and do post a comment for improving.I added the icon after reading your post

Arshadrsd said...

this is very intersted
if there any link which removed , from blog url

Anonymous said...

This is the best advice I've found on this subject. Clear and to the point. Thank you so much!
(Having Feedburner set up really improves the whole thing, btw)

Anonymous said...


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