Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How To Hide Blogs on Blogger Profile

How to hide blogs you don't want to show on your Blogger profile?
How to hide but not delete blogs on Blogger profile?
How to remove blogs on Blogger profile?

If you just want to show certain blogs on your Blogger profile, you can hide the rest. For example, your test blogs - not necessary to show it on your Blogger profile.

blogger hide blogs

Dashboard > Edit Profile

Then click on Select blogs to display under Privacy Section.

After that, select and tick which blogs to display on your Blogger profile.

Save settings and that's it! Enjoy!


u can't catch me said...

ur tutorial is too simple .. tis setting even my little brother can do it .. xD

Kyo Jong said...

LOL, Its so easy XD !
Thanks, dude.

Adsense tips and tricks said...

Thanx for such useful tips.......

Neha said...

Thanks. this was useful! :)

Admin said...

I lost everything :(

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