Friday, July 31, 2009

Blog Favicon

How to add favorite icon to blog?
How to get favicon for blogger blog?
How to add favicon to blog?

Follow this LINK to learn how to add a favicon to your blogger blog now!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

How To Remove Blogger Navigation Bar

How to hide blogger navigation bar on blog?
How to remove top bar on Blogger blog?
How to hide blogspot navigation bar on Blogspot blog?

blogger remove navigation bar

Here's how:

Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML

Add this code:

#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;

just below this line:


then save it, view your blog and it's gone!

***UPDATE 3/4/2010: This method can't be used on template designed by Blogger Draft Template Designer. To remove the default navigation bar in Draft, the method can be found here.

Friday, July 17, 2009

How To Remove Icon on Blogger Comments

How to remove favicon on blogger comments?
How to remove icon beside comment author on blogger comments?

blogger remove comment icon

This trick will make your blogger blog commenting system looks less like a typical blogger blog.

Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML > check Expand Widget Templates box

Then find this code line:

<dt expr:class='&quot;comment-author &quot; + data:comment.authorClass' expr:id='data:comment.anchorName'>

Then remove this part from the line:

+ data:comment.authorClass

Remember not to remove the ' at the end.

So after removing the code will look like this:

<dt expr:class='&quot;comment-author &quot;' expr:id='data:comment.anchorName'>

Actually you can just copy and replace the original line.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Feedburner: How To Republish Blogger Feed as HTML

How to republish feeds with Feedburner?
How to get recent posts with Feedburner?
How to publicize feeds with Feedburner?
How to generate feeds with Feedburner?

If you don't have a Feedburner account yet, register now. It gives you better management on your Blogger feeds.

Proceed to How To Replace Blogger Feed with Google Feedburner first.

1) Log in to your Feedbuner account.

2) Select your feed and click on "Publicize" tab above.

feedburner publicize

3) Then, click on "Buzz Boost" under the Services.

feedburner publicize buzz boost

4) Select your preferred feed settings.

feedburner publicize buzz boost feed settings

5) Click "Activate" button after configuring the feed settings.

6) HTML is generated later on.

feedburner publicize buzz boost ready

7) Copy and paste the code and put it in your blog.

With this HTML code, you can also put in on different blogs to display feeds from other blogs . Example, put the code on your secondary blog so that it also shows the recent posts of your primary blog.

An example of the generated Buzz Boost is located at our sidebar - more like a recent posts widget.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

How To Change Default Blogger Commenting System

How to modify default Blogger commenting system?
How to adapt Wordpress commenting system?
How to improve Blogger commenting system?
How to enable reply on Blogger commenting system?
How to change commenting system on Blogger?

Here's how. All you need is just to install or implement an external commenting system. After installing, commenters will be required to enter their name, email and optional website when commenting, just like default Wordpress commenting style.

Reason to change? It's more interactive and you can well manage all your comments on a particular website. External commenting system provides more feature - with custom top commenters widget, popular posts widget and recent comments widget.

Furthermore, you are able to reply on a particular comment and your reply will appear right under the replied comment - one feature that Blogger has yet to implement - which is very important to blogs these days.

Here are some recommended external commenting system - preferably try it out on a test blog before implementing on your intended blog.

1) Disqus

disqus logo

They offer:
  • A powerful comment system that easily enhances the discussion on websites.
  • In minutes, connect your community with those of thousands of other websites.
  • Threaded replies reveal the conversations in your comments.
  • And now it's easier to keep the discussion alive with email and mobile replying.
  • Features such as ratings and video comments make comments interactive and expressive.
  • An intuitive admin section makes it easy to moderate the discussions from one or multiple websites.
  • Disqus is easy to customize, with widgets that lets your audience become your community.
  • With search engine-friendly plugins and complete data sync, Disqus is as safe to use as it is easy.
  • And many more...

2) JS-Kit

js-kit logo

They offer:
  • Feature rich services backed by enterprise-class reliability and performance;
  • "Cut and paste" deployment - no coding or other technical expertise required;
  • Integrated RSS feeds for search engine visibility and data backup;
  • Spam protection, moderation capability and other administrative controls;
  • Knowledgeable and responsive support.
  • And many more...

3) Intense Debate

intense debate logo

They offer:
  • Comment Threading - Improve the conversation within the comment section and reply directly to an individual comment. Indented replies make following various conversations manageable.
  • Reply-By-Email - Respond to and moderate comments with ease via email, even if you're on the go. Just because you're away from your computer doesn't mean the conversation stops.
  • Commenter Profiles - Commenter profiles let you and your readers learn more about each other. Watch the conversation go to new levels once you and your readers are able to get to know each other. Don't forget, their universal profiles can be used on any site with IntenseDebate.
  • Moderation/Blacklistin - IntenseDebate offers some truly hardcore moderation options. Customize your settings to moderate by keywords, number of links, commenter email, and/or IP addresses.
  • OpenID - Your readers can post comments easily using their OpenID. They can tie their OpenID to their IntenseDebate profile so they won't have to worry about remembering another set of login credentials.
  • And many more...

Every commenting system are quite different from each other. You have to try all 3 to determine your best choice. Enjoy!

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