Sunday, July 12, 2009

Feedburner: How To Republish Blogger Feed as HTML

How to republish feeds with Feedburner?
How to get recent posts with Feedburner?
How to publicize feeds with Feedburner?
How to generate feeds with Feedburner?

If you don't have a Feedburner account yet, register now. It gives you better management on your Blogger feeds.

Proceed to How To Replace Blogger Feed with Google Feedburner first.

1) Log in to your Feedbuner account.

2) Select your feed and click on "Publicize" tab above.

feedburner publicize

3) Then, click on "Buzz Boost" under the Services.

feedburner publicize buzz boost

4) Select your preferred feed settings.

feedburner publicize buzz boost feed settings

5) Click "Activate" button after configuring the feed settings.

6) HTML is generated later on.

feedburner publicize buzz boost ready

7) Copy and paste the code and put it in your blog.

With this HTML code, you can also put in on different blogs to display feeds from other blogs . Example, put the code on your secondary blog so that it also shows the recent posts of your primary blog.

An example of the generated Buzz Boost is located at our sidebar - more like a recent posts widget.



e l d y said...

hey bro .. i know how to hide the feedburner logo @ the bottom of the title .. u can see only the title (which i use buzz as my recent post)

later check out on my new entry @ my blog k .. hehe ..

Anonymous said...

Great tip. Always wondered how to do that!!!

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