Thursday, June 11, 2009

How To Replace Blogger Feed with Google FeedBurner

When creating a blog with Blogspot, there will be a default feed published from the blog.

For example, Simple Blogger Tips' original feed link is:

And that's it.

However, with Google FeedBurner, you can manage your feed and your feed subscribers better.

feedburner logo

If you already have a Google Account, just sign in and add your blog link to the text field provided.

feedburner submit

After that, identify your feed source.

feedburner feed source

Select the choice with "Atom".

After that, give your feed its title and address.

feedburner feed title

Submit and your FeedBurner feed is done.

Now you have to redirect your Blogger feed to your new FeedBurner feed. Return to Blogspot.

Dashboard > Settings > Site Feed

Make sure "Allow Blog Feeds" is Full.

Then enter the FeedBurner feed link to the "Post Feed Redirect URL" box.

feedburner blogger feed

Click "Save Settings" button and you're done. Now all your feeds will be redirect to FeedBurner.

For your convenience, FeedBurner has applied the following services to your new feed:
  • BrowserFriendly improves your feed's appearance in most web browsers and makes it easier to subscribe to
  • FeedBurner Stats tracks basic feed traffic statistics
More of FeedBurner's feed management, services and features will be mentioned later.

Enjoy Feed-Burning! =)

If you have doubts, feel free to visit FeedBurner Support Site

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Boozie said...

thanks this had been helpful

baitycariem said...

hi, good info just wondering what's the different between RSS and Atom? tq :)

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