Saturday, April 9, 2011

Use OnBux instead of NeoBux

NeoBux VS OnBux
OnBux VS NeoBux

As of update on 9 April 2011: If you're on NeoBux and remains at an ordinary account, you'll only earn $0.001 per click! That's 1/10 of the previous earning, which was $0.01. The change was made quite recently.

That really sucks and therefore, head on to OnBux, which will still earn you $0.01/click!

Here's the Math of cashing out your first $2.00 with both NeoBux and OnBux:

NeoBux: $0.004 (4 clicks/day) x 500 days (1 year plus!) = $2.00
OnBux: $0.04 (4 clicks/days) x 50 days = $2.00

Therefore you can't earn fast with NeoBux, and as a result - it takes longer (1 year plus?!) to cash out your earning from NeoBux.

onbux banner

So, register with OnBux, which will earn you $0.01/click - and earn within months! Click here for proof of payment from OnBux!

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