Saturday, July 25, 2009

How To Remove Blogger Navigation Bar

How to hide blogger navigation bar on blog?
How to remove top bar on Blogger blog?
How to hide blogspot navigation bar on Blogspot blog?

blogger remove navigation bar

Here's how:

Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML

Add this code:

#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;

just below this line:


then save it, view your blog and it's gone!

***UPDATE 3/4/2010: This method can't be used on template designed by Blogger Draft Template Designer. To remove the default navigation bar in Draft, the method can be found here.


TOLANIC said...

display: none is something like hiding =)

Anonymous said...

Thank for the tips n appreciate that.

sean said... simple and really work

Anonymous said...

i want to know how to remove the navbar in blogger in draft. even you have used te template of blogger in draft. how to remove the navbar of your blog template. if you find the solution please mail me

Simple Blogger Tips said...

Thank you for noticing. I've updated the new method for Blogger Draft templates already.

Elchin said...

More in

இரா.கதிர்வேல் said...


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