Friday, March 12, 2010

Blogger in Draft - New Blogger Template Designer!

A new template designer has been released on Blogger Draft offering new templates and features enhancement to allow easier modification of blog templates.

To check out the Template Designer, go to:

Dashboard > Layout > Template Designer

You'll then be brought to a new screen to design your blog template where you can change almost everything conveniently.

At the top left, there are different categories of the blog where you can modify.

blogger template designer

Then at the Templates section, a selection of ready-made templates will be available.

blogger template designer

Navigate along the templates and pick the one you like.

Also, choose the colour of the background if applicable.

blogger template designer

Change the layout of the blog - 2 columns or 3 columns - your choice!

blogger template designer

And width of blog and sidebar as well.

blogger template designer

Lastly, change font style, size and colour on the advance section.

blogger template designer

Here's the video of the new Blogger Template Designer:

Just like what was mentioned, it's time to pick a professional design for you blog!

Time to express yourself! Have fun!

For more info visit the Blogger Template Designer entry on the Blogger in Draft Blog.


Tekkaus said...

Wow....that is super, duper good. So customizable.

w3ndee said...

thx. this is useful :)

smallkucing said...

Hmm...very useful. Thanks :D

Aini Sastra said...

thank's for tutorial for our

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