Friday, June 10, 2011

How to Add Favicon with Blogger in Draft

How to add favicon?
How to create favicon for Blogger blog?
How to create favicon for Blogspot blog?
How to add favicon to Blogger blog?
How to add favicon to Blogspot blog?

Back then, you'll need to play around with the blog HTML code in order to have a customized favicon. But now, you can add a favicon easily with Blogger in Draft!

Here's how.

First, go to Blogger in Draft. Then go to Dashboard > Design.

blogger favicon

There is a Favicon page element where you can add your own customized favicon by clicking on the "Edit" link.

blogger add favicon

A pop-up window will appear and all you have to do is to select the favicon (with an .ico format) from your computer and just save it! As easy as that.

If you're not sure on how to create a favicon .ico file, continue reading.


How to create favicon (.ico) file?

Firstly, an icon is required. You can either use an online icon creator (which may not be user-friendly) or Photoshop.

Once you've designed your icon, save it as an image file. Next, proceed to the online icon generator to generate the icon. There, upload your saved favicon image, select icon size 16x16 and generate it. Once it's done, download the icon into your computer.

Then you can use the downloaded icon and select it as the favicon (.ico) file.


ms write addict said...

your post ni mmg come right at the moment for me lah. tried for hours, for what seems to be the simplest thing to do bcse ive converted the jpg to .ico, tapi takk lepas lepas juge.. last2 me fedap, just let it be... how? how? *sobs*

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අයේෂා said...

wow wonderfull.. thanks a lot.. :)

Atap Baja Ringan said...

Works great! thank you very much for sharing this...

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