Saturday, July 30, 2011 - Homepage in Minutes

Here's a cool way to create your own homepage in just minutes - with To be exact, it's just a 1-page homepage that allows you to link all your other social media accounts on it. homepage

To get started, you'll require to register for an account. It's easy and quick.

Before moving on the the features and details of, let's go through some of the existing profiles. profile 1 profile 2 profile 3

After registering, you can immediately start to customize your profile. The editing tools are easy to be understood, easy to navigate and watch real-time changes onto your profile display. customize

You can customize your layout, fonts and colors in real-time. Just click, and the changes will appear almost instantly. Therefore, you are allowed to modify it to meet your preference. content

Once the appearance is done, add some of your favorite social media accounts to your profile. Link your Wordpress blog, Facebook profile, Twitter account or even YouTube channel.

If a visitor checks out your profile page, he can then access all your linked social media accounts - almost like a 1-stop homepage center. stats

Other than that, there are stats available but real-time stats are a paid-only feature.

Actually, there is nothing much about if you're just using the free version. Most of the functions and features are locked away, unless you're willing to pay the fee.

And if you're willing to pay, it's $20 a year. payment

Upon paying, there will be unlimited services available. You can get a custom URL, directory listing, real-time stats, contact form and custom content.

That's it.

Also, there is another similar website called It's way better than so feel free to check it out.


Vancouver Networking Professionals said...

Quick and simple, find it very comfortable and easy to use.

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