Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gravatar: How To Upload Avatar Display Image

How to show display picture when commenting?
How to upload display picture on Gravatar?
How to get a display image when commenting on Wordpress blogs?
How to have avatar display for commenting accounts?

To do so, you have to go to Gravatar at http://en.gravatar.com.

gravatar logo

One you're at the page, click "Log in/Sign up".

gravatar log in sign up

If you don't have a Gravatar account, please register first with the proper email that you're going to use while commenting.

But if you already own a Wordpress.com account, do sign in with the email you used for your Wordpress.com account. (Not applicable for self-hosted Wordpress from Wordpress.org)

gravatar sign in

After registering (if necessary) and logging in, hover your mouse at the "My Account" and a list will appear. Pick "Manage My Gravatars".

gravatar account

From there onwards, just upload your preferred display avatar and you're good to go!


Anonymous said...

It also works on Blogger?

Simple Blogger Tips said...

No, this doesn't work on Default Blogger profile. Only those comment system that require your name, email and website. Example, Wordpress comment.

Saimoom said...

it don't work in blogger blog.


Lkadco said...

am checking

janny said...

It’s a fun way to boost your expert status. Thanks for sharing and
keep such posts coming. Little things as this matters so much, but we bloggers seldom consider it.

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