Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How To Update Blog Posts to Facebook via Notes

How to link blog to Facebook?
How to update blog on Facebook?
How to automatically import blog post to Facebook?

First log-in to your Facebook account.

Then click on the "Profile" link on the top right of the main navigation bar above to view your own profile.

facebook profile

After that, click on "Options" below the Share box.

facebook option

Then, the word "Settings" will appear. Click on it.

facebook settings

A list of ways to import stuffs (also known as Stories) to your Facebook will be available. Find for "Blog/RSS" and select it.

facebook import stories

After selection "Blog/RSS" a text field will appear right below. Enter your blog address or the blog feed, and click Import.

Facebook will then import all your available blog posts as Notes and it'll appear on your Wall and also your friends' Wall.

Also, whenever you update your blog, Facebook will automatically import the latest posts as well. Enjoy!


UPDATE (6 September 2010): Facebook imported stories is no longer available.

facebook imported stories

However, it seems that Facebook still auto-update the blog note after a few days. Just that you can't manually ping it anymore.


Swarovski said...

my facebook doesn't update notes from my blog automaticly, is there any reason for that?

kenwooi said...

It doesn't update immediately after you've updated your blog. Might take up to 2 to 3 hours.

feyqa maria said...

really? patut td i read the comments firs before did the whole thing! lol~

Tarpit Sahu said...

There is no SHARE button appearing on my Wall after clicking the profile button.

What to do ? Please help..
Thank you.

Simple Blogger Tips said...

@Tarpit Sahu:
If you read the *update* section at the bottom, you'll see that this feature is no longer available.

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