Sunday, May 23, 2010

12 Things To Do After Creating New Blogspot Blog

What to do after creating a new Blogspot blog?
What necessary actions need to be taken with a new blog?

Here are 12 things you should do after setting up a new blog with Blogspot.

First, head to the Settings and you'll be on the "Basic" section.

1) Make sure you have a good blog title and description.

blogger title description

2) If you want to drive traffic to the blog, pick "Yes" for "Add your blog to our listings?" and "Let search engines find your blog?"

blogger listing

After that, head on to the "Formatting" section.

3) Select the number of posts you want to be shown on the main page. The lesser the posts, the faster the loading speed of the homepage.

blogger number of posts

4) Adjust the time zone depending on which country you reside in.

blogger time zone

Then, continue to the "Comments" section.

5) Select who can comment on your blog. It depends on how much you welcome comments from strangers.

blogger who can comment

6) Select the type of comment form placement you want. There are 3 choices and each of them are different. I'd recommend it to be embedded below post.

blogger comment form

7) If you would like to display backlinks to your blog posts, select "Show" and the links will be shown. Indirectly, your readers will be able to access to the links if they are interested.

blogger backlinks

8) If you prefer to keep track and moderate the comments received on the blog, select "Always". Comments submitted will not be shown immediately as a result. Otherwise, select "Never".

blogger comment moderation

9) I personally don't like guessing some funny words and type them out just to make sure I'm not a robot or some sort. But if you really want to prevent spam, by all means, say "Yes" to word verification.

blogger word verification

10) If you like to see profile images of the commentators on the comment section, selecting "Yes" would be a good option.

blogger profile image

Next, the "Site Feed" section.

11) Remember to allow the default feed on your blog so that people can subscribe to your blog and receive updates easily.

blogger allow feed

12) If you have created a custom feed on Feedburner or some other external feed manager, do include the feed link as well. It will automatically redirect your default feed to the custom feed.

blogger redirect feed

And that's all for now. Hope this guide will help those who've just started a new Blogspot blog.


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