Friday, August 13, 2010

Blogger New Commenting Feature

Blogspot has a new feature implemented again - this time it's a new feature for comments.

Now you can manage the comments received on your Blogger blog. It will be with one of the tabs with the other navigation, such as Edit Post, Settings, Designs and Monetize.

Here's how the navigation bar look now.

blogger comment feature navigation
With the commenting feature, now you can easily check on published comments, comments that are awaiting moderation and spam comments.

To be honest, it's almost like Wordpress now - except Wordpress has a "Trash" are once you deleted a particular comment, probably just in case you want to recover it back.

But when you delete comments on Blogspot, that cannot be undone.

blogger comment published

This is how the "Published" section look like - with complete information such as comment author, commented blog post and the date.

blogger comment awaiting moderation

Comments "Awaiting Moderation" section. It's self-explanatory.

blogger comment spam

And lastly, the "Spam" section. Haven't gotten any in my spam inbox right now, hopefully it works against automated spam comment bots.

Take note: It's not implemented on all blogs, yet. Only a handful of blogs has this feature - probably all will have it in the near future.


Sya Isya said...

yeah! I like the new feature. previously, I duno the comment is belongs to which entry. With this new feature, it is clearly stated the entry tittle. And the spam feature worked for me. At least, it alert me that in the comment have link added.

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