Saturday, May 2, 2009

Adding Ad Unit To Your Blog

Some Nuffnang users might find it complicated when it comes to adding an advertisement unit (aka Ad Unit) to a blog. There are guidelines prepared by our beloved Nuffnang for a few well-known blogs but I guess human always miss a thing or two at times.

Here are the guidelines (aka tutorials aka How-To-Add-Nuffnang-Ad Units-For-Newbies) linked from Nuffnang.

Anyway, here are some other tips when adding the Ad Units to your blog - only for Blogspot as it's the only blogging platform I've been using so far.

Leaderboard Ad Unit BELOW Blog Header

After inserting the Leaderboard Ad Unit code, the Ad Unit is located above your header. Sometimes the blog doesn't look nice with the Ad Unit first. Well, it you want to relocate the Leaderboard Ad Unit to below your header, here's how.

  • Go to your Blogger dashboard
  • Click manage: Layout
  • Click 'Edit HTML' below the Layout tab

Then paste the Leaderboard Ad Unit code before this line:

<div id='content-wrapper'>

There you go. The Ad Unit will appear below your blog header.

Skyscraper Ad Unit with Page Element

For the Ad Unit for your sidebar (aka Skyscraper Ad Unit), you can simply paste the code to a HTML/JavaScript element on the Page Elements Page.


Shu Fen said...

Weeeeeee~ Great Post :)

Vicissitudes of Life

Marc said...

How about if I want it above the blog header?

Doctor Popcorn said...

hey could you do a post on the different kinds of earnings?

i am really confused with the buffered and metered and etc...

Robb said...

hey there ken,

if you need solid information on hwo things really work on things you're uncertain of, be sure to drop a ticket in the helpdesk yea? my colleagues will definitely help you out from there. ;)

Afif said...

Hey there,

Any idea how to put the ad below every blog post on Blogger? Thanks.

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