Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Earning Nuffnang Glitterati Status

In order to achieve Glitterati status in Nuffnang, one has to be loyal - in the sense that other Blog Advertising Companies' Ad Units (decided by Nuffnang) mustn't be on the blog. In simpler words - you will not maximize your Nuffnang usage if you use other advertisements that aren't allowed by Nuffnang based on its Nuffnang Exclusive Program.

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Usually other South East Asia (SEA) Blog Advertising Companies' Ad Units aren't allows to go together with Nuffnang's advertisements. But it depends.

So far here are some Blog Advertising Companies that will prevent you from obtaining Glitterati status.
  • Advertlets
  • Adgitize
  • Innity
  • Youthsays
  • if there are others, please notify at comment section TQ
But nevertheless, all the best to them too! No offense ya, but I just have to mention the competitors. Afterall, this is I LOVE NUFFNANG blog.

For your information, Google Adsense are allowed on blogs with Nuffnang Ads. Nuffnang won't strip off your Glitterati status if you sign up for Google Adsense.


Anonymous said...

wow u totally sound like a nuffshoe-glitterer! hahax! no offense cos im just a new kid on the block. Very useful info there. Tho im a huge fan of Adbrite, baby! Say, what else do the nangnuffler ban eternally??

wilson said...

Sometimes, Nuffnang does pay late. But I'm not that sure about it. I still support Nuffnang.

Anyway, is Adgitize good?

Tekkaus said...

Yes! Before this I was being stripped off my Glitterati status for having Adgitize! You can earn more with adgitize actually.=)

Dosz said...

haha this author really support nuffnang la. gud btw

KY said...

ooo this is interesting!

Anonymous said...

adgitize pay more since nuffnang don't always give an ads

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