Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Nuffnang Widget - Nuffnang XChange

A brand new widget created by Nuffnang to drive traffics among Nuffnang blogs.

The widget consists of three tabs:

The RSS tab
Pulls some of the latest posts from blogs that also have the widget on.

The Innit tab
Updates itself with the latest posts from the Nuffnang aggregator INNIT.

The Status tab
Gives Nuffnang users a space to leave a message or thought for the readers. It can be updated from the XChange page of Nuffnang website. However it's a redundant feature as most users prefer it to be integrated with Twitter.

Take notice that it's only accessible by Glitterati members.

Here are 2 ready widgets for Nuffnang users to select:

nuffnang widget

Currently Nuffnang has launched XChange with the Compact and Flower themes. They're also providing skins for the widget for users to choose from to fit their blog theme, and there'll be more to come!

Check out more themes here!

In my personal opinion, the Nuffnang Xchange is a totally awesome widget but it might:
  • slow down the blog loading time.
  • block the blog template if the blog template is really wide, for example: the Flower XChange widget is taking up too much space.
Anyway, do add it up. It's a great service!

Great work Nuffnang!


Caffery said...

Yea, I am agree with you.
Besides, it add on some extra stylesheets (CSS) too.

Anonymous said...


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