Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nuffnang Blog Aggregator - INNIT

Nuffnang itself has a blog aggregator, called Innit by Nuffnang users, where users can post up their entries from their own blog. Therefore, other Nuffnang-Innit users will be able to read entries that interest them.

There'll be a Nang & Dang system whereby other Innit users can Nang if they they think your entries are cool, or Dang if your entries suck.

In order to post up entries on Innit, Nuffnang users must first acquire the Glitterati status. Sounds like glittering huh? Anyway, The Glitterati thingy is well-related to Nuffnang's Loyalty Program. In order to maximize your usage (and earnings too) in Nuffnang, you'll have to be loyal. Read more about the Nuffnang Glitterati status if you're interested.

More explanation on achieving Glitterati status later on. Stay tuned!


SHUJA said...

good one

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Marife said...

thanks really to you! if not from this advice, i wouldn't know this innit system, for i am just a newbie on nuffnang.

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