Friday, May 15, 2009

Metered Campaigns VS CPC Campaigns

Many are unsure about the differences between a Metered Campaign and a CPC Campaign. Here are the explanation.

Metered Campaigns

Metered campaigns are ads that are paid based directly on the number of unique visits a Nuffnang user contribute to the campaign.

A Nuffnang blog can be assigned more than one metered ad at the same time in the same slot, but the owner will not receive notifications about these assignments (because of the potential volume, and because the campaign duration may not be fixed).

nuffnang metered campaign

Earnings for metered campaigns are also handled differently because metered campaigns usually last longer than normal paid ads. It might take a while before Nuffnang credits the earnings to the account. In the meantime, Nuffnang users can see the running total that he/she has earned for that campaign so far as "Buffered Earnings".

Also, Nuffnang is giving out CTR Bonus to reward blogs for good campaign performance. Nuffnang will give out bonus earnings for blogs that achieve a CTR (Click-through ratio) of 0.2% or higher on new campaigns that run on a blog. This figure is based on average industry standards.

With metered campaigns, Nuffnang hopes to achieve the following:
  • A better distribution of ads to more bloggers.
  • Lower fatigue resulting in better click-through ratios.
  • More income since we can now run multiple advertisers on a single ad unit.

CPC (Cost-per-Click) Campaigns

Earnings for a CPC campaign are calculated based on the number of clicks a particular Ad Unit had in the past week. Usually it's 25cents per click for Glitterati members and 15cents per click for non-Glitterati members.

nuffnang normal campaign

However, multiple clicks from the same computer with the same IP address & Mac Address will be considered as spam and as a result, the earnings will be reduced/removed. A warning will be issued by Nuffnang personnel too.

Information obtained from Nuffnang.
Feel free to correct me if there are any mistakes above. Thank you.
*thanks Robb & Caffery for the corrections*


Robb said...

It's not called 'Normal Campaigns'. It's called CPC Campaigns (Cost Per Click), and it's RM0.25 a click for Glitterati and RM0.15 for non-Glitterati.

Caffery said...

You have forgotten to mention this:

Usually it's about 25cents per click. (If you are a Glitterati member)

Anonymous said...


Shu Fen said...

Wah great post!

I was right, the buffered earnings was CPM ahha! nuffnang didn't inform me =X


Vicissitudes of Life

wanwarlock said...

nice info on this. thanks

Doctor Popcorn said...

Awesome! Thanks for doing a post on this. Now I understand. LOL.

Fariza said...

How to get CPM from nuffnang...its already 3 months but I still didn't get the cpm campaign.any tips to share

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