Saturday, May 9, 2009

Guide to Using INNIT @ Nuffnang

In order to fully utilize INNIT, the blog aggregator, by Nuffnang, you have to obtain Glitterati status first.

Here's more or less the interface for INNIT.

Firstly, the Most Popular posts will be shown at the top middle of the page.

nuffnang innit

It looks simple and understandable. Before being allowed to publish your entries on INNIT, you must first obtain Glitterati status and then you have to log in again. The log in panel is on the left (based on the INNIT webpage of Nuffnang Malaysia). Upon logging in, you're allowed to submit your entries. Just click on the "Add New Post" to do so.

All you need to do when you add a new post is write the title, description and the tags. Then just copy-and-paste the permalink of the entry from your blog. As simple as that.

nuffnang innit tag

On the left below the log in section, the popular tags will be displayed. So feel free to browse thru the tags for more entries with that interests you. There's a search function too, therefore you can search for certain keywords.

nuffnang innit dang

After submitting your post, it'll be shown on the dashboard below the popular posts. Other INNIT users can then nang your post if they like it, or dang your post if they dislike it. Well, the nang and dang system isn't that practical as most of the INNIT users nang and dang for no apparent reasons, or just for fun.

Nevertheless, the more nangs your post gets, the more chances for it to reach the "Most Popular" area.

nuffnang chatbox

Anyway, there's a Nuffnang chatbox located on the right of the INNIT page. There, active INNIT users will chat with each other. Some might use it as a promotion area - begging asking online INNIT users to nang their submitted posts. Beware you might get danged, also, for promoting on the chatbox.

That's pretty much of it. Enjoy!


BernardC said...

kenwooi, ini apasal prt scr tat chatbox masa saya sedang cakap..??


miela77 said...

sori...but after i'll login, i didnt see any add new post button...could u help me...

~ ALIEN ~ said...

good one! just join innit a few minutes ago...LOL..(^_^)

i'm posting about how to make the Nuffnang Ads become STATIC. gd luck for ur blog...\(^_^)/

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